Attachment disorder, neglect, aggressive / violent behaviour and criminal damaged.

Age 17 years on Admission, 12 months placement

The Starting Point:

Amanda came to Medusa Project following a numbers of foster and residential placements, both in and outside London. Amanda had a history of violence, aggressive and criminal damage to properties, and had just been arrested and awaiting a hearing at the local magistrates court before being placed with us. On her arrival to the project, Amanda presented with extreme aggressive behaviour to both her peers and team members. Amanda had had no contact with her family for some years and was a very angry young woman. Amanda struggled with authority and boundaries and would often lash out when she did not get her own way.

The Achievements:

Through the development programme Amanda was able to start dealing with those emotions that made her so angry through play, art and discussions.

Amanda was able over time to build trusting relationships with team members, and this was achieved by taking the time to listen and talk to Amanda during discussions and key work sessions this was something Amanda had not experienced previously and she felt valued. By explaining to Amanda that her opinion was highly regarded and letting her know that she was free to express herself, exploring anger as a natural emotion and looking at healthy and unhealthy expression of anger. This was done in many different ways some of which were using a boxing punch bag and swing ball enabling Amanda to vent her anger in positives ways. Over time Amanda began to express herself without the exploding anger as before and was more able to sit with what she felt as rejection and/or confrontation without retaliating.

The Future:

Amanda moved on from the project a few weeks after her 18th birthday to less supported accommodation although she found this very difficult at first and was subsequently moved from that project, Amanda has now settled and enrolled at college and about to finish her year in catering. Amanda has maintained a close relationship with the project and remains in contact via the phone and often visits; this is recognition of how she values the project and feels valued by the team. We are extremely proud of the achievements Amanda has made and still continues to make. No other charges have been brought prior to her placement with the Medusa Project and she continues to manage her anger in a positive way.

The Medusa Project have impressed us with their professionalism, competence, transparency, flexibility, can-do approach and the high quality service they deliver for vulnerable young people.

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