We are committed to developing the young women in our care, our purpose is endorsed by the principles of the Children’s Act 1989/2004, and ensure the 5 outcomes of the Every Child Matter Framework is incorporated into each young woman’s care plan.

We offer a space that is both safe and homely, with a staff team that is small, consistent, supportive and fully trained in working with young people with challenging behaviour, most of who are therapeutically trained. We offer a holistic approach, which means; each young woman’s care plan is tailored to their individual needs and is worked through at a pace that suits them. We create an atmosphere where it is ok to laugh, cry and make learning mistakes, somewhere that is non-judgemental, where each young woman are given freedom of healthy expression.

We run two programmes at the project, the Development programme and the Preparation for adulthood programme. The Development programme is geared towards developing the emotional self; the purpose is to develop self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief so that they can become thinking, feeling and socially acceptable individuals.

The Preparation for adulthood programme develops day-to-day life skills and incorporates topics such as budgeting, cooking, laundry, education or training. At the end of this program they learn the skills to manage their lives independently.

Such is the effectiveness of their methods of working with vulnerable young people exhibiting challenging behaviour, that I commissioned them to undertake training of Lewisham foster carers in behaviour management.

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