Model of Care

We believe in a holistic approach in looking after the young women in our care; deep-rooted in ‘homely’ values and belief’s that every young person has an absolute right to be treated with dignity and respect; that their voices are listened too and heard.

We believe in encouraging and supporting our young women to contribute to the discussions about their lives, their future and to have presence in their care and how their home is run.

Philosophy & Values

We believe that all young people should be free from harm; fear or threat and we actively pursue safeguarding measures in achieving this.

We understand that young people with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties respond better to calm and consistent boundaries, which are established and maintained throughout the project.

We believe that all looked after children have the same rights, privileges and opportunities, with the same high standards, high expectations, common goals and respect as any other young person in society.

Our care is based on and around:

The individual needs, taking into account their history, their value system, their family/community relationships, as well as their origins, cultures and religious beliefs.

The Medusa Project is aware of the need for consistent and multi-systemic support structures in their work, and offers a highly valued model of practice and management.

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