The project draws on integral principles of therapeutic working, we are very mindful of individual needs and therapeutic styles of working are assigned on this basis, in line with the holistic care plan for each young woman. Very early developmental trauma can leave young people with insecure attachment styles, which can manifest in challenging behaviour and interpersonal difficulties. As a project we create a therapeutic environment that supports young women to express themselves in a safe, caring and secure space.

We engage with each young woman individually, as well as in groups, and this is done using various forms of multi-media including art and play therapy.

The management and therapists of the project developed the therapeutic programme with professional consultants who support and contribute to the programme.

Due to the complex emotional needs of the young women in our care we work closely with CAMHS and Kaleidoscope, enabling young women to access the many external resources available to them via these agencies.

The Medusa Project is aware of the need for consistent and multi-systemic support structures in their work, and offers a highly valued model of practice and management.
The Medusa Project is one of a very few therapeutic service provision for care leavers aged 16+.

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