Project Description

My daughter has been with the Medusa Project for just over 2 years. She was discharged into their care after spending much of the previous 3 years in hospital for mental illness.

Over the 2+ years, Medusa have worked to provide her with support on many levels. They have balanced her needs for support, for risk-management, and for increasing independence as time has passed. These are not easy things to balance, to judge well, and to provide consistently but this is what Medusa do.

Art therapy provided on site is a great advantage. Boundaries and House Rules, not excessive but aimed at sharing accommodation with respect for each other and learning to live together, are clear from the start.

We have benefitted from the age range which Medusa covers, of 16 – 21 years. If my daughter had needed to move out at 18 she would not have been ready. It is particularly important to have stability around this time as CAMHS provision stops and gives way to adult services – a time well-known for increased risk for some young people. Medusa gave us stability and consistency while the changes to adult services took place. The value of this cannot be overestimated.

I do not yet have words to express how hard it was as a parent to see my child have such serious health needs, and to agree to her need for care provision. I do not think we could have improved on Medusa as a second-best to home, and I am so grateful for their care, warmth and humanity in looking after her.