Project Description

Dr. Philip Collins – Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Medusa is a trusted provider of consistent residential care and support for young women with severe emotional and psychiatric conditions who require residential placement.

The Lewisham adolescent mental health service has worked collaboratively with the Project to support a number of residents who suffer with complex psychological and psychiatric conditions.

The project is a valued stakeholder in our work as an NHS mental health service for adolescents to provide consistently high-quality assessment and treatment to troubled young women in residential care.

The project has consistently offered a caring and psychologically containing space for troubled young women to get their adolescence back on track and to begin to believe in themselves and their ability to have a meaningful and safe existence.

The project is able to calmly manage risk and work in a thoughtful, pragmatic and kind way with young women who often struggle with intense emotional instability and who may have lived chaotic and highly risky lives.

I have seen many young women psychologically and psychiatrically improve during their time at the project.